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Let’s dive into the basics of Chat Script and meet a chatbot named Harry.Some of these steps may be a bit different depending on what operating system you’re using. You don’t actually have to go through these steps to enjoy this article if you don’t want to. First of all clone the Chat Script Git Hub repository: Chat Script EVSERVER Version 6.8 64 bit LINUX compiled Aug 16 2016 host=local Params: dict:720895 fact:800000 text:70000kb hash:50000 buffer:22x80kb cache:1x5000kb userfacts:100Word Net: dict=201350 fact=85710 stext=12703744 Jul26'16-Build0: dict=67726 fact=130289 stext=1145656 Jul31'16- 0Build1: dict=167 fact=15 stext=211304 Jul31'16- harry Used 53MB: dict 269,244 (23693kb) hashdepth 18/1 fact 216,014 (8640kb) text 14183kb buffer (1760kb) cache (5000kb) POS: 918 (29kb)Free 79MB: dict 451,651 hash 924 fact 583,986 text 55,816KBStandalone mode makes for an excellent Chat Script development environment.It remains necessary to repeat the study for a longer time and with a greater number of participants to verify and deepen its findings. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability, with 300 million globally suffering from it while fewer than half of those affected receive treatment.But Darcy believes technology can help–even if it hasn’t fulfilled its promise so far.His wife, Sue Wilcox, wanted to model virtual characters for her interactive fiction games.Together, they built what ultimately became Chat Script.

These use a scripting metalanguage (simply called a “script”) as their source code.Organizations that encourage their employees to look for answers on their own, have 60% more satisfied employees, can provide more growth opportunities, and have 30% less employee turnover.- Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020 (Gartner)- In 2017, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month.That’s a jump of 128.9% over last year (e Marketer)- 60% of US online adults already use online messaging, voice, or video chat services (Forrester)- Limitations with natural language processing and understanding of colloquial, local and slang language- Following a rule-based path, rarely accommodating deviations; leading to unsatisfied customer experience- Lack of context which leads to inaccurate answers- Faster service and enhanced customer experience: chatbots reduce customer wait times- Increased efficiencies: use them to answer immediate queries and free up valuable time of their agents- 24/7/365 availability: chatbots can provide service anytime of the day, all year long- Reduce cost of customer service: with advancing technology, cost of building a chatbot is reducing fast- Ease of use: if you know how to read and type, then you know how to use a chatbot.- North Carolina’s Innovation Center (i Center) is piloting chatbots to free up internal IT help desk personnel from answering mundane querie- The city of Mesa, Arizona is testing a text message chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions about available services.Here what a Chat Script script file looks like: You can define your bot’s dialog flows with a script stored as a normal text file.

This is much simpler than methods that other chatbot tools use, which often involve browser-based user interfaces, JSON, or XML.

“I was so excited about the prospect of technology democratizing access to healthcare, the same way it was democratizing access to information,” she says.

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