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You can receive a refund of the fee that you paid for the list of available rentals if the list does not contain three available rental units of the kind that you described in the contract.In order to obtain a refund, you must demand a full refund from the prepaid rental listing service within 15 days of signing the contract.You may check the status of a license issued to a prepaid rental service on the DRE Web site to ensure that the service is licensed.

In many areas, there are free weekly or monthly publications devoted to rental listings.Here are four reasons why: Even if you and your spouse agree on a budget and on your family’s financial goals, it is not possible to agree on every expenditure.As many Circle of Moms conversations reveal, money is what married couples fight about the most.For example, although she’s not getting an “allowance” from her husband and she doesn’t see "why a SAHM can’t have something nice for herself, yes, even a Coach handbag,” Circle of Moms member Leslie admits that she nevertheless feels bad about buying something as inexpensive as hair dye.

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Leah E., too, admits she feels “embarrassed” and like “a bad person” for wanting an expensive camera.

Finally, it's a good idea to walk or drive around the neighborhood during the day and again in the evening. If the rental unit is in an apartment complex, ask some of the tenants how they get along with the landlord and the other tenants.