Dating male seeking female

20-Dec-2019 16:19

She wants to crawl through the hole in herself and sleep somewhere in the dark soil without an internet connection. She wonders what his flaw is and focuses on it as she finishes her last glass of wine after sitting for a little over an hour at the table: maybe chronic bad breath, an annoying laugh, self-obsession, a tendency to interrupt when others are speaking, a small penis, a foot fungus.

She pays her own bill, which she had been expecting him to pay. When she gets home and turns the TV to the news, there it is on the screen: the smoke, the burning, the twisted metal, the ruined dotted line of the train as seen from a news helicopter above. She thinks she made him ride a train and he did and now he’s dead and she’s responsible.

His bag feels too heavy, packed with two changes of clothes and a roll of condoms.

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His business contact had a sudden heart attack, but it looks like he’ll be fine.This was part of one of their many conversations about the small joys in life and the things they have and have not done and still want to do, which seem to them to be more in-tune and romantic than any conversations they’ve ever had in person with anyone.

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