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07-Jan-2020 13:51

WHO, UNICEF and other partners are working with the Yemeni authorities to detect and track the spread of the disease and reach people with medical treatment, safe water and adequate sanitation and hygiene practices.

They flock to the overwhelmed and crumbling Al-Jumhoori Hospital, the only public referral hospital in Sa’ada, 240km from Sana’a, in search of care.Escalation of hostilities, disruption of basic services and destruction of infrastructure, compounded by severe economic deterioration, threat of famine, an outbreak of cholera, along with continued violations in international humanitarian law, has resulted in Yemen becoming the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.As of July, close to two million people, across 21 governorates, were forced to flee their homes, with 84 per cent of them displaced for more than a year.Coupled with continuous economic decline and a chronic lack of livelihood opportunities, vulnerabilities of people of concern have been exponentially amplifying.

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Insecurity and ongoing hostilities continue to hamper provision of assistance and limit the protection space.If you or your organization is interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.