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17-May-2020 19:48

People might feel the need to tell you what to do; this is the case especially with elderly people.

They might even insist on it, in which case it is best to just accept their advice.

Also, the way people communicate might be very different compared to what you are used to.

You may feel isolated and disconnected from the world.

You don’t know how to react in certain situations and you don’t know how other people will react either. Still, you should not be afraid to go out in the open and meet other people.

Russian culture is very straightforward and often people appear rude and cold to foreigners.

Expat life engenders an international outlook coupled with an ability to blend relatively ‘seamlessly' into other cultures.

"Members" of the expat culture club are hard to spot; after all, expat living is an experience, not an identity.

Smiling can be a sign of insecurity or, in extreme cases, of mental imbalance.Even though the expat lifestyle can become exhausting, from dating to home living, Expatica has tips for men and women on how to make it work.Your lifestyle as an expat might also encompass children, and Expatica Moscow offers plenty of help with keeping a family climate healthy and positive.It is not always possible to find a functioning internet connection and calling home might be an endeavour.

Also be prepared for how small rooms and apartments are. If you believe any of the information on this page is incorrect or out-of-date, please let us know.

Do not despair, but rather try to find and meet other internationals in Moscow.

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