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19-Dec-2019 19:16

This code works great when I set the treeview Items Source, the Managers are displayed with their list of projects.However, when I add a new person to the list of people, the Tree View is not updated.Why do you think that it should bind to that "single" property of your datacontext? WPF doesn't have any convention that forces it to bind to a single property of control's Data Context.

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I want to display this manager in a tree, and under the manager node I want to show all the projects he is managing which can be determined from the people he manages.When right click an item in datagrid, I want to locate the item on treeview.But now the issue is when I iterate the treeview, say, I have an item called A11.I'm thinking WPF checks to see whether the collection reference has changed, or does the Items Source object have to be an Observable Collection`1 for this to work? What you were binding to was the property and Property Changed (from INotify Property Changed) was only being called when the property was being set e.g.

I did make sure that the object sent a notification that the property Folder Entities had changed. Which surprises me as I'm telling the data binding engine that the property has changed, still no update is taking place.How can I refresh the Tree Vuew & Tree View Item when its Items Source changes?