Women over 50 online dating

10-Jul-2020 13:16

The content of my profile affected the quantity of the responses I got, but not the quality.

Four types of men over 50 seem to join online dating sites, and regardless of what I wrote, these are the types I heard from.

And, another friend had told of joining a free site and being contacted by an inordinate number of men in their 20s and 30s, who were blatant about wanting to try Cougar sex, preferably with a Cougar who would buy dinner first.

So I selected one site that catered to the over 50 demographics, one that was all about “compatibility,” and one recommended for its “better prospects.” First finding: There is little difference in the types of men found at one site or the other.

My conclusion: Chances of finding a Prince among the frogs for a professionally successful, independent woman seeking a balanced relationship seem about the same as winning the mega-lottery. These are nebbish men who, if they went to college, were geeks, and blended into the background.

Their dinner conversation, however, consisted solely of him pompously bragging about the number of women he attracted online.By 50, they mostly all look alike – overweight and balding (and not in a sexy Jean-Luc Picard sexy way), or sporting the ever popular bad comb-over.They often take their own picture to post online, or post travelogue photos they are not even in (I’m still not sure what that’s about).That being the case, I wasn’t sure I even wanted another relationship. Before long though, friends began encouraging me to try online dating and to “get back out there.” Then on a trip to Maine to visit friends, I met a nice-looking, interesting, mature, educator-like-myself man at a party.

Originally from Boston, he explained he had come to Maine after meeting his significant other online (an attractive, artist friend of my friend, about my age) and moved there to be with her after dating long distance for a year.

suggested that online dating makes long-term commitment easier to avoid because options are just a click away.