Women dating magazine

12-Dec-2019 17:13

As women who follow Christ we have to know that being different is a good thing.We are not supposed to be like the world because we have been called to so much more.As a result of this, many of us end up in relationships where we wish we had done things differently, or we wish known more in the beginning.However, sometimes we’re just so happy to be with this guy that we’re afraid to dig too deep or start asking too many questions for fear that we might mess things up or scare him away before things even get started. By dating someone, you’re agreeing that you could possibly end up being committed to this person through marriage and maybe even have an offspring with them.

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We can start to feel like we might need to do whatever it takes to keep up, when in reality, we need to be looking to our Father first, asking Him to show us what to do!You’ve spent time analyzing that person’s actions, wondering how it’s going to affect your relationship with them.