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12-Jun-2020 13:07

This embedded product key is wiped when you format or reinstall, or when you replace your hard disk – it’s stored in the NVRAM of the BIOS/EFI on the motherboard itself.

Depending on what version of the Windows setup image you’re using, it might be able to retrieve the key for itself – in which case you’ll never be prompted to enter your key.

Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows can fix your non-booting PC with just one click, without losing any of your data!

Ever since Windows 8, PCs and laptops no longer ship with the Windows Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that we’ve all become accustomed to seeing: So how do you install Windows without a product key?

If you wish to change your product key in Windows 7, click the Start button Right-click Computer, and then select Properties. Under Windows activation, click on Change product key.

Follow the instructions to change your product key and activate your copy of Windows 7. Follow these steps to change your product key in Windows 8. You can also change Windows product key by typing the following in an elevated command prompt and hitting Enter: Windows Activation.

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This lets customers with accessibility needs (and who use assistive technologies) to get hold of Windows 10 for free.The first method for getting Windows 10 is to simply upgrade an existing (and activated) version of Windows 7 or 8.1.As discovered by Ed Bott over at ZD Net, and independently confirmed by myself, the old method still works.) and use it to get a copy of your embedded product key.

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What, you thought that free upgrades to Windows 10 ended on July 29, 2016?Well, these days a product key unique to your machine (or, in some cases, to your manufacturer or make/model) is embedded into the BIOS or EFI, basically programmed into the computer itself.

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