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Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965) is an American professional wrestler who was the longest-tenured performer in WWE history, working under the name The Undertaker for over twenty years with the company without officially leaving at any point (until his retirement, he was the last performer who appeared on the very first to still be working for the company as an in-ring talent).

But even after that defeat, Wrestlemania still built The Undertaker's match as one of its biggest, almost exclusive, attractions; and the man himself kept adding names to his long list of victims on his run of dominance at the event, finishing at an impressive 23-2.

After his loss to Roman Reigns, the Undertaker finally retired from wrestling, with sources citing his reason being that he needed to have surgery that would end his in-ring career.

At the end of that match, which was won by Taker, he set his gloves down in the middle of the ring, posed, and slowly walked out of the arena.

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Not to be confused with The Coroner., and I stand before my peers and all of the world, you then will realize that I am the most dangerous entity that has ever stepped foot in this ring.

Sure, he’s getting older, but that doesn’t mean his career is over. Of course, cards are always subject to change, and it doesn’t say what he will be doing, but he will be there.

Again, Undertaker wrestling at this event or getting physically involved in any way is highly unlikely due to just having hip surgery.

He and his (kayfabe) "half-brother" Kane were the last two holdovers from WWE's "Rock 'n' Wrestling" era of high-concept, comic book-style wrestling gimmicks, a decade thought to have perished with the Boogeyman.

Even though an undead "zombie wrestler" with mystical powers sticks out like a sore thumb in the so-called "Reality" Era, fans still adore it anyway.

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