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For a short while there were some local bands getting signed, and they still are to a lesser degree.It’s just one of those countries that are very difficult to get signed and once you do get signed then you sort of get watered down and you become a sort of adult contemporary act.The record companies in South Africa make their revenue from international acts.So basically they just sit on their asses and wait for the international releases to come through in the retail stores and that’s basically paying their bills so why would they need local bands.They were sort of a very African rhythm with a white girl singing, and they came to the high school and played, and this was a huge band at the time.We watched them at a high school theatre or whatever and I remember thinking it was really cool seeing all these musicians on stage and they were actually playing and it sounded great and everyone was really into it and there was this really great energy about it.

He would drive one way to drop us off and drive another hour and a half yet to go to work every day and then turn around and come back and pick us up.Yeah, if it wasn’t for the deal, I’d be looking for a real job somewhere.one of those stories where you fall in love with the dog and at the end the dog dies.And in this story, it’s a true story about an owner who ends up shooting this dog by accident because he mistakes him for a fox.

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And the song played was called “Spirit Of The Great Heart” by Johnny Clegg and I remember at the time it just moved me so much cause I was like, well, now I’m unhappy cause the dog’s gone, and the song was so powerful and that memory imprinted on me.We lived in a city called Pietermaritzburg and that was basically the last few years of high school and I left and moved to Johannesburg.