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This is why Virgin Care is committed to providing services that are designed around the needs of the end user, rather than the needs of the system, and why Virgin Care always strives to provide care good enough for our own families.Virgin Care has sought to do this by making it easier for patients to get an appointment with a GP, by making sure practices are open later in the evening or at weekends, and provides patients with more of their care closer to home from a choice of locations where this is possible.Holly is currently considered the front-runner to take over the business.She is “special projects manager” at Virgin Management and sits on the board of Virgin Unite, which oversees her father’s not-for-profit enterprises.We’ve also invested in trying to help and support people with leukemia, ovarian and pancreatic cancer.Like everyone in the UK, I am hugely proud of the NHS and our social care system and the amazing work front line staff do every day to support all of our care needs, however, I have always thought there were a number of things that could be improved.This promise as well as our values run through everything that we do.All of our services are free to people at the point of need, just like any other NHS or social care services, but we try to bring the Virgin ethos to this care by making sure that we are focusing on the patient and making the system responsive to them, rather than the other way around.

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These range from investing millions of pounds in mobile working systems that empower our community nurses and enable them to spend more time with patients, to being the first provider of NHS services to introduce a text-back system for walk in services, so patients can make better use of the time that would have otherwise been spent in a waiting room.

Perky and popular, she trained as a doctor but her love affair with medicine began to wane and in 2008 she decided to join the family firm.

After completing internships in various Virgin divisions she decided to stay, and is now considered a key confidante of her father.

At Virgin we began to look at how health and social care could be improved in the UK by drawing upon our experience from other parts of the Virgin family and focusing on what matters most to patients.

Just like airlines and financial services, when it comes to being cared for, good service and convenience can make all of the difference.THE VIRGIN GANG Branson married American Kristen Tomassi in 1972 but the couple divorced four years later.