Who is mimi faust dating 2016 springfield illinois speed dating

09-Jun-2020 10:33

The Chicago Sky star player is openly gay and seems to be very happy with Faust in the background. Although the pic caused rumors to swirl, apparently the two have been dating for a while.The alleged couple met reportedly met when Young made an appearance on Faust’s ex’s spin-off show, .We may now have a clue as to who the mystery woman is thanks to an Instagram post.Faust recently posted a photo with WNBA star Tamera Young.But it pails in comparison to what she went through growing up.In an episode of the hit reality show Faust went through counseling where she revealed the truth about her upbringing.Mimi Faust was born Oluremi James January 1, 1970 in Newport News Virginia.She was raised by her single mother who’s middle name was Eva. It was until Oluremi was a teenager that she found out who her biological father was.

The two of them are reportedly trying to keep their relationship from being pushed too far out into the public eye.

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