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11-Apr-2020 09:01

This season you’re going to see a lot more of me working, me with my kids.If you don’t know me with my kids, than you don’t know Kelly Killoren Bensimon at all. And that’s one of the things I was concerned about last year — if I wasn’t going to be a REAL housewife, it didn’t make sense for me to be on the show.2010 cover — continued to worry castmates like Frankel, Alex Mc Cord and Ramona Singer with her kooky antics.The third season’s finale — where the women confronted Bensimon — was the series’ highest rated episode in its history.I was coming from being a model, from being an editor and an author, so it was a huge leap of faith to go from what you’re doing, writing — I was basically you, writing, interviewing people — and now all of a sudden I’m subject to the scrutiny and criticism of all these other people. I’m the arbiter of what’s good and bad, and it’s clear that I know when something’s really, really bad. Do people who meet you in real life have ideas about you from the show?I’m 41 and I’m on the cover of , then you know it’s different. So how much of what we see on the show is actually real? I think they want me to be this super socialite that they read about in Jackie Collins, who doesn’t talk to anybody, arrives late, takes car services everywhere, and wears Manolo Blahnik.

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In 1998, she graduated with a degree in Literature and Writing from Columbia University's School of General Studies.

The couple (who Stefanov claims were engaged, though Killoren denies this) were having a fight over “usual stuff that couples fight about” when Killoren “sucker punched” him, Stefanov claims.