Who is jet li dating

30-Mar-2020 20:37

(Jet Li) was born in Beijing, China on April 26, 1963.

He began to learn the fighting art of wu shu when he was eight.

He then began to rethink the glory of being chosen. When wintertime came, they had no choice but to practice outside, because they had no indoor facilities.

Technically speaking, since there would be no official placings or prizes, it wasn't even a standard competition--more like a grand demonstration of forms.

Because his father passed away when he was just two, Jets family consisted of his mother, two older sisters and two older brothers. He was the smallest, so his mother never allowed him to go swimming or ride a bicycle.

Any risky activity -- any kind of exercise that was even slightly dangerous -- was off-limits.

About 20 of them, Jet included, were told that they were to come back every afternoon after school to continue training.

It became something of a point of pride for schools to boast how many kids had been chosen from their ranks.

School had just adjourned for the one-month vacation and the authorities didn't want kids to run around on the streets because they had nothing to do.