Who is james denton dating

17-Mar-2020 17:28

Mike challenged Ian at a poker game and they did a deal: if Mike won, he could tell Susan but if Ian won, he couldn't.Ian won and Mike kept his distance but Ian had to thank Mike when he rescued him from drowning.After that, Zach made it clear that he felt Paul was his father.After Edie Britt set Susan's house on fire, Mike got Susan a wire to record Edie's confession. Later, they made up and he planned to propose in the season finale but was run over by Orson Hodge.Deirdre's remains were discovered under the Young family pool.Paul Young murdered Martha Huber after she admitted blackmailing his late wife. Susan Meyer discovered that he had been in prison for manslaughter and drug dealing.Devastated, she ended their relationship being disappointed that Mike didn't tell her the truth.

Three years later, Deirdre found them and demanded her baby back; they refused.

She encouraged Zach to go to Utah, looking for Paul and gave him money. Mike tried getting to know him, on his return from Utah, and Zach was initially interested.

Paul, however, told Zach that he was getting tired of his obsession with two people who hadn't loved him enough to keep him.

He took Paul hostage and planned to shoot him until Paul told him that he and his late wife lived in Salt Lake City years ago.

Mary Alice worked at a rehab centre and met Deirdre.Susan pursued her new boyfriend, Ian, to hire the best lawyer to get Mike out of jail.

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