Who does naruto end up dating

27-May-2020 17:11

yamato was gonna talk about her confidence issues and frankly there is no evidence in the manga which even gives a clue that sakura ever had any romantic feelings for naruto. For me it's the best couple and the most likely to happen one!!!

They are like canon,they already kissed two times(accidentally but still), Naruto chases Sasuke to bring him back to the village(and it is not for Sakura because we all know what happened when Sakura lied to Naruto so he would give up on Sasuke)Naruto will never give up on Sasuke,because he loves him and he is the only one that understands him and he will do anything to bring him back!!!

Sasu Saka has a chance like Naru Saku but we haven't got naruto respond to Hinata feeling yet so there still might be a chance of naruhina.

we just have to wait for the Shinobi World War Arc to end and i reckon ther gunna be a long fight scene between Sasuke and Naruto so we have to wait what i think if if i wasn't trying to sound smart in short: sasusaku & naruhina but that how i see it. eww x D i so so so agree with this guy, the only reason sakura wants sasuke back is be cause he is a friend and a part of team 7 just like naruto, if naruto was gon sakura would have felt the same way right because naruto is a friend and a part of team 7.

The only thing is I only agree with Sasu Naru if it is agreed that Naruto and Sasuke are EQUALS which is what Naruto has strived for the whole Manga and Sasuke is waaaaaaaaay too unstable and bastardy to be given full control of anything (case in point his increasing insanity whilst gaining more and more powerful Ninjutsu) and Naruto has always been Sasuke's soothing balm, his normality, balance and his light. She has to get over Sasuke, because Sasuke will never love her. There are WAY more pics of Naruto and Sasuke than there are Naruto/HInata Sasuke/Sakura Naruto/Sakura or Sasuke/Hinata or any other of those kinds of pairings.

Plus Naruto is strong where Sasuke is weak and it is Naruto's strength that will save Sasuke from himself, even Itachi agrees and he planned his poor baby brother's life right down to the T. As long as Naruto and Sasuke are together, nothing else matters. I mean, just because they are both male doesn't mean they don't love each other. If you guys start hating on this because they're both male, you are homophobes. Doesn't matter if they both are , they are still soul mates.

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I know that Sakura confess her love to Naruto and saying that she given up on sasuke but naruto said that she is lying to herself as he remember all the things that sakura has said and done for sasuke and that naruto knows that she is still in love with Sasuke and Sai later tells Naruto that Sakura's confession was actually an attempt to release him from his promise, and possibly distract him while she hunts down Sasuke.

Naruto is going to end up with Sakura, Sasuke most likely noone, and Hinata who knows. In almost every manga/anime, there is a guy or a girl interested in the main characters or that the main character is interested in that they don't end up with, just for drama. And Sasuke has never and will never love Sakura, not to mention he's tried to kill her twice now. She dreamt about Sasuke kissing her forehead, but it was actually NARUTO!! its not like they go and say " Oh Naruto or Oh Sasuke lets kiss, Ok!