White label dating scam

08-Jul-2020 19:14

They're the only ones making money off of your site.I could do better writing articles and displaying Ad Sense ads. it's too bad, because it seems like a good business model.Dear John, First of all I would like to apologize as it seems you have had a very disappointing experience, I would love to look into any problems you have had and hopefully be able to help you with your sites moving forward.My name is Jenny and I am the VP of Sales and Marketing, feel free to ping me directly Jenny at Dating Factory.com, it will be my pleasure to help :) I have several domains which would have fit perfectly on the Dating Factory, as their site is seemingly put together well for potential affiliates. I`M AN AFFILIATE AND I`VE EMAILED MY REFERRER(even though noone referred me), ACCOUNT MANAGER(also skyped account manager) AND 5 OTHER DEPARTMENTS WITH NO REPLY AT ALL.I reached out a couple of times to them via their online contact form but NO REPLY. A whole bunch of negative reviews on sitejabber..usually people don't levae reviews unless they are unhappy. I joined my own site as a member and got a reply to a question the day after. I got someone else to join same time as me as a member and we both got the same emails from df and same email of 2 people. I`ve also got a GOLD member who pays every month, yet my account only goes up 2 or 3 pence every so often,sad.

DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY OR YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!Are they taking some of the money for themselves until I acquire a pre-determined number of live members?Also, other affiliate businesses like Clickbank at least have the option to process payments via companies like Paypal so that the company cannot see your bank details.I 100% can recommend them to anyone who wants to start up a white label dating site.

My experience with Dating Factory Limited stems from their affiliate Expatica Dating and they are behaving like scammers - the Expatica dating site is a fraud.

Its sad to see the disappointing experiences you have had.