When long distance dating partners become geographically close

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Crystal Jiang, City University of Hong Kong and Jeffrey Hancock, Cornell University, asked dating couples in long-distance and geographically close relationships to report their daily interactions over different media: face-to-face, phone calls, video chat, texting, instant messenger, and email.

Over a week, they reported to what extent they shared about themselves and experienced intimacy, and to what extent they felt their partners did the same thing.

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when long distance dating partners become geographically close-56

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As such, the outcome of either is likely going to depend on the couple’s ability to find a balance — whether that means creating a little more space when there isn’t enough, or working to make every interaction count when there's too much.Here are 10 possible reasons for this undeniable attraction, plus what it takes to make a LDR successful:1. While you often read about men who are commitment-phobes, some women share this fear as well.You might find someone better and the distance is the perfect excuse to end things when a new man comes on the scene.) Jamie ultimately hops a last minute flight to Portugal where he professes his love and proposes to Aurelia in front of the whole town on Christmas Eve, and they will presumably live happily ever after in either England or Portugal.

Among the many reasons that Jamie and Aurelia's relationship is pure fantasy (good fantasy mind you, but fantasy nonetheless) is that it is based on the idea that long-distance relationship can be magically transformed into the perfect domestic relationship that we all (well, at least people like me, who love movies like ) dream about.Women often choose a man who is not geographically available because they themselves are not fully available.