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28-Mar-2020 18:26

Our world has been full of war, hatred, greed, envy and whatever you may think, but what is the real reason behind this.

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I will quote this “we were thought of what is not right to do” as they will give examples of it.It is part of our lives for us to be better personally.

And if each of those people buys 0 a month of Amway products, you will generate nearly million in yearly sales! The model usually collapses long before that, because quite frankly, most people aren’t gullible enough to go for it. Let’s say that 1 in 4 prospecting attempts is successful (a very optimistic figure). But you want 10 of them, so now you’re talking about And that’s not even including all of the silly pep talk rallies and inspirational meetings that you’re supposed to attend! A measly 10 people under you, each of whom has to do the same thing, and so on down three levels if you plan on making serious money. Let’s suppose you’re a stubborn sunuvabitch, and you’re confident that you can do it. The truly amazing thing about the Amway business model is the sales volume required in order to make any money.… continue reading »

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It's not her usual department, but she has been taken on to help in the ever swelling drug war along the border of the US and Mexico.… continue reading »

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