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Higher-acuity assistive vision allowed for greatest improvement in walking speeds—14% above that of plain residual vision, while only wide-angle and eccentricity-dependent vision significantly reduced the number of collisions—both by 21%.Navigating around pedestrians, there were significant reductions in collisions with static pedestrians by 33% and task time by 7.7% with the higher-acuity layout.Recently, performance in tasks such as reading [35], hand-eye coordination [36], object recognition [37], and mobility [38] has been evaluated for central phosphene layouts.Often, the angular field of view (FOV) of these layouts were similar to those of actual electrode arrays, for instance 20° in the Argus II [10].While placing an electrode array in the vicinity of functionally useful retinal tissue requires significant caution, the documented rescue effect from electro-stimulation suggests that doing so may elicit a stabilizing [21] or even recovering [22] effect on residual vision and may minimize neural remodelling due to a lack of sensory input [23].To our knowledge there has not been any study relating residual vision to prosthetic vision, nor on their simultaneous use.Following a path, higher-acuity assistive vision increased walking speed by 9%, and decreased collisions with stationary cars by 18%. The ability of assistive peripheral prosthetic vision to improve mobility performance in persons with constricted VFs has been demonstrated.

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It was reasoned that if there was minimal residual vision, the implant and its stimulation cannot do further harm [16].

Three layouts of assistive vision corresponding to hypothetical electrode array layouts were compared, emphasizing higher visual acuity, a wider visual angle, or eccentricity-dependent acuity across an intermediate angle.

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