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08-May-2020 10:48

Kidzworld stays connected with its users by keeping the advertising on the site limited to niche products, offers and services that may be of interest to them.

As a result, Kidzworld kids are highly receptive to the products and services presented to them.

Launched in February, 2001, Kidzworld is the leading safe social network, for kids and teens. Achilles established Kidzworld there were no safe websites for kids and certainly no Facebook.

His passion for the safety and security of all kids has been a core value throughout.

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Kidzworld is a long established safe and secure kids website.

The "Forums" provide kids with a platform to openly discuss a broad range of topics in a safe, secure environment.

Our rules relate to swearing, racially inappropriate comments, bullying and the exchange of personal information.

There is no ability to share or disclose personally identifiable information. You can have confidence that Kidzworld works very hard to provide a safe, empowering user experience for your child or children.

No other website can legitimately claim to be what Kidzworld is: The first safe, secure kids social network.It is a safe, secure interactive knowledge, entertainment and social networking community for tweens - kids aged 9 to14.

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