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Driving at a snail’s pace but revving the engine, Caroline couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t accelerate.

Then, when Jennifer tried to offer solutions, Caroline realized she had the parking brake on.

Both teams stumbled upon the same am flight as Max & Katie.

An incredulous Caroline asked, “How did we find this?

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” When the two teams walked onto the plane, they were surprised to see Max & Katie who were secretly disappointed that other teams got onto the early flight with them.Although they arrived last, roller derby moms noticed a first class desk open with no customers so they walked up and also got seats on the 1pm flight.While the remaining teams waited their turn, they reconfirmed their alliance and planned on using their U-Turns to target the You Tube hosts and roller derby moms.Caroline joked, “The sexy six is together forever.” Landing in Edinburgh at am, Max & Katie, Bates & Anthony, and Caroline & Jennifer ran out of the airport and counted five Ford Fiestas, telling them that there were two teams behind.

Max & Katie and Bates & Anthony drove quickly and confidently on the expressway already thinking about the U-Turn plan, but Caroline & Jennifer got off to a slower start.

After putting on a kilt, Max walked with an instructor into a practice room where he began instruction on how to play the bagpipe.