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23-May-2020 08:23

The date Despite the number of matches, the only person with whom I had what passed as a conversation was the writer guy. I did have condoms with me, in case things turned seriously wild, but, to my surprise, I wasn’t really longing for sex.It seemed like we were into the same things (literature, art, blahblahblah), and it would be nice to meet him in person. (READ: Tinder 'Moments' makes flirting even easier) Also, I found that I wasn’t really excited about meeting a new person, especially because the reason we crossed paths was the fact that both of us are looking for a new person to meet.I understood that I was scanning through a catalogue of humans, and that I was being in it too.

I gave him a lift on my rattling motorbike back to his hotel.The weirdest Tinder girl he met was a born-again Christian on a mission to convert people she matched with, he said.I thought about the whole thing as I rode my bike home, and felt as if a little hidden part of me had been revealed.When I swiped left or right, I always felt self-conscious and questioned myself, “Is this a normal human interaction? ” My friends introduced me to the app last year and I got about three matches that time.

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The three of them had nice polite chats with me but it led to nothing.Then I uninstalled the app, as I felt both excited and embarrassed every time I was on it.

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