Usmc rules for dating my daughter

06-Jul-2020 20:07

Please folks, cover up your boobs and wear a dress that’s long enough so that I’m not getting flashes of areas I don’t want to see. I don’t know about your ball, but our ball is a drink fest. My theory is that my husband is a Marine and is celebrating their birthday, and it’s probably a little different if he gets wasted then if I get falling down drunk.Look, I’m not saying this from a jealous place (even though I’ve nursed three kids so I am jealous of you perky boobed people) but again, keeping in mind the above that this is a work function as well as a ball, dress appropriately. but I don’t think that they were the looks she was going for. I uttered a word to my husband at the last ball because he put his chair on my purse and he looked at me like I had just farted in church. The last few years have been an open bar and people pay a lot of money for tickets to keep that way. Not to mention, I’ve seen spouses vomit on other Marines or get “down and dirty” on the dance floor. Last year someone did a striptease before her husband dragged her off the floor and, hopefully, home.The Marine Corps doesn’t want you to have to suffer through all these things for more than… Before you know it, your Marine will come home and say those famous three words: “We have orders.” And you can say goodbye to that duty station and start on a new adventure. By the time the Marine Corps decides to move you BACK to that base in three years, there will probably be at least one new restaurant and that PTO mom will have moved on too.

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You laugh, but all this has happened to our family.We were able to get an amazing rate for a great room. Enjoy the night, the traditions, eat some cake and revel in being with your spouse or significant other and remember: don’t get so drunk you do something embarrassing.

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