Updating slideshow links

24-Feb-2020 00:13

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Click on the file to view its contents You should see a page similar to the one pictured below.The contents of this file will be shown within a grey box.It is much easier to edit the XML file in Dreamweaver as opposed to Notepad because Dreamweaver will colour the code to make it much easier to read.Dreamweaver is available to university staff via CFS software.The info below adds the option to your new widget to link the entire slideshow image.Slidesome allows your guests to share photos, videos and text to your slideshow in real-time.

updating slideshow links-78

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You can also choose a special layout for vertical screens.You’ll need to know these names when you come to edit the XML file in the final step. The following instructions are written specifically for Microsoft Windows users who are using Internet Explorer as their web browser.