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25-Nov-2019 12:26

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INNOV8 beats N series in EVERY Segment do you read EVERY segment.just in camera, Even in sound quality it compares quite favorably to the ROKR E8 and beats Nokia's solutions hands down, let alone Sony Ericsson's Walkman handsets.

So shut up and be happy with nokia but dont claim that n series is best. My bad the i8510 has a 3D chip.....its still dosnt mach the N96 coz the only avdantage it has is the 8medapixel......nothing els.....

What is superior of innov8 is the camera only which most of the regular consumers dont used anyway, so its a waste of money, how many times a regular consumer used their camera phone in a day, ahh at least twice a week or non at all and thats why its not making news and not making fuzz all over the world.

Call that smart choice for regular consumers not to be fooled by such gimmick.

The official change log is not out yet, but keep tuned to Fone Arena to know more….

I updated my N96 four hours ago and can say that speed is good and the device is much stable then before, but no major changes were visible.where not talking about how robust the product is, what matters is the inside, the cheap and lowgrade materials Samsung is using on their products.Nokia has the best customer service according to most of the consumers, market research say so, and with all the websites created by Nokia that caters to their customer, you cant argue with that.it might have surpass N96 in some aspect but, N96's features are also at its best, plus DVH-TV that's a total media entertainment at a competitive price.

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if i am to choose between 8MP or DVH-TV people will surely go for DVH-TV than 8MP because I already have a good 5MP Carl Ziess on my phone.I read the full review ...impresive bt most of wats stated there are opinions....

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