Updating deployment share and boot disk

07-Jul-2020 03:34

I like option two, besides a leaner image that’s just windows, updates and office can go anywhere if the vast majority of applications are installed “automagically” only when YOU say, its a beautiful thing.Almost as beautiful are how you can then bundle groups of apps with App Bundles. We used to use Bundles for specific groups of PCs at one company I used to work at, we had a “laptop bundle” it included the extra security software and VPN software and the web-cam app.The ONLY thing you need WDS for is for is PXE boot and Multicasting. I have about 50 surface Pro 2 tablets that I would like to clone from a master image that I will make in MDT.Which most people don’t need unless they’re running hundreds of machines (like I used to do when I worked for a large multinational conglomorate) Instead, just use the ISO that MDT spits out and burn it to CD or configure a USB drive to boot with that ISO. After creating my necessary deployment share drives, how many surfaces can I apply the clone to at once using 1 PC?If you don’t have a WSUS server handy, there are a few other steps you could do.But for now, start with adding the hotfix rollup, its like 90 updates out of the way.I simply use the standard client task sequence, have it capture, use the script, and make my customizations then.

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You might be able to get away with Office in the image, but its really up to you. ) So imagine a basic image done the “old” way with adobe reader, java, flash, etc.

Block updates you don’t need, I don’t think you really need the Bing Toolbar, so block the ones you don’t need in the file.