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12-May-2020 13:43

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This is not required if you can install the libraries as packages (rpm, deb, etc.) If you have not yet installed Foswiki: Review the System Requirements that is shipped with your version of Foswiki. If Foswiki is installed and operational: If you think a perl module is installed, but the system claims it can't find it, then it's worth reviewing How Foswiki Finds Perl Libraries to help understand what is going on.

If your system is one of the more popular Linux distributions then by far the easiest way to install additional CPAN modules is to use the package management system.

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-- Simon Raven - looks useful - enables Ubuntu as well as Debian users to create that are easily tracked through APT - see this dh-make-perl tutorial.

Previous versions of this topic documented the old way to do this using CPAN. The actual installation directories will vary based upon your system architecture.

Two libraries are required; one for the platform independent modules, and one for architecture specific modules.

-- Richard Donkin - For windows, on 64 bit systems, use dmake: Nicolae Racovita - I've recently discovered which appears to be a lighter-weight option for installing needed CPAN modules in local directories.

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It takes less overhead than CPAN proper so is more compatible with shared hosting.

These versions, according to Foswiki documentation, must be avoided.

Make sure you understand what it’s telling you before you provide any information.… continue reading »

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