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14-May-2020 00:30

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When you store such info with your contacts, you probably don’t want to open every contact and add the same information to it.Or even worse; Do you want to change the address for every contact when the company relocates? The following method describes an easy way to update general information for contacts that are sharing the same details in one or more Contact field.You've just hidden all contacts except those in the group you're updating.After expanding the group, open any contact in that group and update the Company field from TR to Tech Republic as shown in Figure E. You'll see a new group for Tech Republic with one contact, as shown in Figure F.You can also double-click a group's header to toggle an individual group.Next, expand the TR (Tech Republic) group by double-clicking that header (Figure D).To start, we simply update the information for one contact (in this case the Business Address) and then Save and Close that contact.Second, we modify the view of the Contacts folder so that all the contacts are grouped by that updated field.

Outlook contacts are a powerful tool, but the more contacts you have, the more unwieldy a task can become.So for our example of updating the Business Address that would be; Now you’ll see that all your contacts are grouped by the “Business Address” field.Select the contacts who still have the old address and drag & drop them into the group of your updated contact.Open any of the contacts in the Tech Republic group and you'll see that the Company value is now Tech Republic. Updating a contact is easy, but updating the same value for multiple contacts is laborious—and fortunately, unnecessary.

Next time, I'll show you how to update a contact group using a similar grouping technique.

Currently, the Company is TR; let's change all of them to Tech Republic.

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