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07-Jan-2020 04:15

I usually mount my controllers down low, and to the right.

Just about in the middle of your right shin as you are driving.

Now you have to find the brake light switch wire that will trigger the controller.

*I'm gettin this next bit of info right out of the Tekonsha install manual.* Your 97 Chevy is special.

Under the brake boster will be a bunch of wires taped/wrapped up in split loom.

Look for a bundle that seems to just keep folding over on itself.

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Remove 6-8" of tape covering the main loom of 40 wires. You will find: Probe the 4 light guage wires with a test light.

The wire that is cold until the brake pedal is pushed, and does not flash with the hazard lights is the correct wire.

Splice into that wire with a wire tap, then wrap up the rest of the wires.

Take your last wire to the negative side of the battery, or to a good chassis ground, and you are done wiring the controller.

At the back of the truck, on the driver's side frame rail, you will find the other ends of the blue and orange wire taped up against the wire loom.There should be two silver, threaded, posts at the back (firewall) side of the box.