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FF Dax and Nimbus Sans come with extended weights and widths.

Abril, Aviano, and Calluna all feature a sans serif and serif companion.

Okay, I think ice cream is great and all, but with so many combinations and “flavors” of typefaces, how do you even begin to decide which to pair? Without formulas, you can create beautiful surprises so your websites won’t look exactly like the one you have open in your browser three tabs over.Let’s look at one of Typekit’s superfamilies, Freight Sans and Freight Text, and visualize some of the aspects that lend it to pairing.Letters of Freight Sans Pro and Freight Text, when overlaid, show similar structure.Superfamilies also sometimes contain families that are meant to be used at specific sizes, such as caption, subhead, and display.

Superfamilies can provide an extensive typographic palette for designs.

When you have one typeface already in mind and are browsing for a similar companion, select the buttons under “Properties” with the same x-height, contrast, width, and weight as your base typeface.