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As it moves forward, it leaves a trail behind, resembling a moving snake.

In some games, the end of the trail is in a fixed position, so the snake continually gets longer as it moves.

If any user enters the date it will automatically add the slash on it but the issue is it also accepting the 60/60/6060.

IOMO was a pioneering European mobile game developer and publisher based in Hampshire, England.

Remember, attraction is very similar to frustration in the beginning stages of dating (the first 2-3 months). Let me just say this: if version A of you texts her right after your fun date and says, “I had a great time…when are we hanging out again? Even though you’re definitely interested in her, you’re not too worried about whether or not she’ll meet up with you again. The only reason a guy says or texts this phrase to a woman is that he’s to plan a date and ask her out directly because she might “reject” his idea. Look, if she actually likes you and doesn’t like your date idea, she’ll either go just to spend time with you or suggest another idea: “Hmmm…art galleries aren’t really my thing.

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IOMO was founded by John Chasey, Glenn Broadway and Andrew Bain in 2000.

Initially a developer, the company was very successful in the early stages of the mobile game industry and worked with the majority of mobile technologies and customers across the whole value chain.

The peak of IOMO's success came in 2004 when in addition to winning the Develop Industry Excellence award for the second year running, IOMO were developers of half the games in the Top 10 charts for two different UK operators.

January 2004 the Vodafone Top 10 games charts included five titles developed by IOMO; Tomb Raider: The Quest for Cinnabar, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Pub Pool, Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex and Monopoly.There are over 300 Snake-like games for i OS alone.