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05-Dec-2019 17:12

Turkey’s matchmaking reality shows, which have long kept viewers glued to television screens and made celebrities out of their hosts, have led to 10,691 complaints in a year's time, spurring the Higher Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) into action.In June alone, the media watchdog slapped fines on the Star, Fox, Kanal D, ATV and Flash TV channels.Summarizing how the shows unfold, he wrote, “A suitor comes for a contestant. “The RTUK warns and fines programs deemed to be improper. With their unscrupulous and sexist nature, the programs have become [a tool] to make money and are eroding social values,” he said.The two start to converse, and then the vileness begins. Demirkan, who considers the matchmaking format altogether objectionable, added, “Board members [selected by] the ruling party have seen the issue only in terms of morality.People in the studio quarrel with each other, trading punches and insults. But general norms of morality are ambiguous concepts interpreted in various ways according to one’s ideology.We are in favor of action based on more concrete, legal reasons,” he said.They are still a further cry from TLC’s Undressed in Britain, in which couples jump into bed soon after being introduced.

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The marriage shows, which viewers remain addicted to despite the avalanche of complaints, feature neither skimpily dressed, passionate young people like shows in Argentina nor foreign women hoping to tie the knot on 90-day visas as on TLC TV in the United States.Most recently, a show on Channel 4 in Britain demonstrated how far producers’ zeal for ratings can go.

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