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14-Feb-2020 12:06

There are a couple of books on the subject, but they are either somewhat outdated (price-wise) or incomplete.Some of the online auction sites are good sources for this type of information, but it takes a lot of researching to get a good feel for it.Look for the old solid brass models, but never the freshly-polished models; these may not be real or damaged. Transits were made for many years and there are a lot of models available to collect.

Remember that condition is everything when it comes to putting value on any antiques, so the amounts quoted here assume that the items are complete and have nothing seriously wrong with them or have anything missing from them.Thus, these books are more expensive (expect to pay at least twice as much for some catalogs) than the more common surveying textbooks.The older the book or catalog is, the more you can expect to pay.A nice old label with the maker's name inside the box cover is always an added bonus with any instrument.

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Old surveying transits are fun to look at and can be educational to learn how to use (or use again).

The prices range from around 0 to 0 for the more common varieties and can go up much more for rare ones.

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