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The Dating Game (also known as The New Dating Game and The All-New Dating Game) is the long-running dating game show where one girl or one guy had to choose between three bachelors or bachelorettes to go out on a date for which the producers pay.Generally the bachelorette would ask a series of questions to each of the three hidden bachelors.

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A Board Game based on the 1986 version was released by Pressman in 1987.

Official Website (Sherwood era/via Internet Archive) Official Website (Woolery era/via Internet Archive) The Dating Game @ Tim's TV Showcase Josh Rebich's Dating Game Rule Sheets What's Bob Eubanks doing here?

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I have a word called “BLESSONS”, A blesson is what happens when you see the blessing in the lesson that your challenge taught you.When all said and done, the dating couple went out on a dream vacation which was paid by the producers.