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In addition, the Director-General of the Customs Department, with the Finance Minister’s approval, is entitled to deduct money from the sales price of seized goods, or deduct money from a fine if there are no seized goods or if the goods cannot be sold, and pay the deducted money as an incentive and a reward.For some offenses, the deduction rate is 40 percent—20 percent as an incentive payment and 20 percent as a reward amount.Change of Presumed Liability The old Act contained strict liability for directors and officers, unless they were able to prove that they were not involved in the offense, admitted to the offense, or acted reasonably to prevent the offense. Under the new law, if the offender is a juristic person, and if the offense occurred due to the order or act of any director, manager, or person responsible for business operations, that person will face the same criminal penalties as the juristic person.Moreover, if the director, manager, or responsible person neglected their duty, which caused the juristic person to carry out an offense, the director or manager will also face the same criminal penalties as the juristic person.The court is entitled to seize the goods even if there is no person to be punished under its judgment.These penalties under the new Act are generally lower than those under the old law.

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Thai customs can be a bit confusing; foreigners are not expected to know and follow local etiquette to the letter, but good manners and appropriate dress will earn you instant respect.

In hotels, doormen, bellhops, and waitresses will frequently wai to you.

It's not necessary to return the greeting; a simple smile of acknowledgment is all that's necessary.

It is hoped that this problem will be resolved with the introduction of the new time limits.

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Reduced Penalties Under the Act, some offenses—such as importing or exporting goods with the intent to avoid paying duty—can result in a maximum imprisonment of 10 years, and a fine from one-half to four times the amount of the duty evaded, or both.

A few small gestures and a general awareness will help foster a spirit of good will.