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Regardless of the number of booths, video chatters viewed a vertical black-and-white 30-frame-per-second image, but had to stay perfectly motionless within a 16 x 21-inch frame to stay in view at the other end.

Predictably in hindsight, Picturephone service didn't take off in any of its variations.For the next 30 years, despite failure after failure, AT&T and several other companies trod out Picturephone-inspired devices and expensive service, demonstrating Einstein's definition of insanity of repeating the same actions and expecting a different result.The pursuit of the videophone actually began long before Bell debuted its first working Mod I units at the World's Fair in Queens.In December 1878, French writer and cartoonist George du Maurier, speculated in print and drawing in Punch magazine that Thomas Edison was working on a "telephonoscope" videophone.

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And in a June 5, 1880, issue of , inventor George Carey proposed a telephone system of "seeing by electricity." But it took 30 years for AT&T to turn these science fictions into science fact.We have NO Rules on what consenting adults can discuss and all calls are 100% confidential, private and anonymous.