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06-Mar-2020 12:03

I am proud to say that almost one year ago today, on December 14th, 2008, Ragna gave birth to our awe inspiring, gift from beyond; our little baby boy, Shane Stamm`ler-Adamson (and one more cutie got added to a long list of other souls that owe their lives to their parents meeting through

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This past summer, 2009, we took our love train on a plane and descended upon one of my strongest places of inspiration - the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

However, David began to bring up the topic of marriage in exploratory kinds of ways over a period of months (mostly when we’d had a few brewskis 🙂 We went up to the mountains to Nevada City for a weekend (during their Vegan Festival which we just happened to stumble upon!!! We had discussed at length what marriage meant to each of us, what it would mean for us as a couple, pros and cons, family input etc.