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Then, gather your favorite fun party foods: chips, salsa, cookies, pizza, chocolates, etc…

Leah designed festive food labels to pair with all of your menu choices.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice When it comes to life’s important questions – love included – Luke Skywalker knows better than anyone that advice from someone older and wiser always helps.

He was lucky enough to have two mentors in his corner, and whenever he needed guidance, he knew that he could rely on Obi-Wan and Yoda to steer him the right way.

Star wars also appear to have had a seasonal bias, clustering in the dry season from November through January.

Few were recorded to have happened during the planting season and none at all during harvest time, between mid-September and late October.

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They may also have had astronomical connections with planets other than Venus; many star wars appear to be correlated with the retrograde periods of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.A star war was a decisive conflict between rival polities of the Maya civilization during the first millennium AD.