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For the purposes of processing a citizenship application, the “lock-in” date is the date that a completed application is date stamped as received, and determined to be complete at the CPC-S.All applications received are checked upfront for completeness, and when the CPC-S receives an application without the requisite fee and/or without the required documents, the mailroom staff will It is not necessary for the applicant to submit a new application kit or to re-sign and redate an application every time an application is returned for incompleteness.Applications that are returned as incomplete on or after June 11, 2015, must be resubmitted on a June 2015 or post-June 2015 version of the form.For additional information, see the transitional provisions.Students wishing to pursue the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the Univeresity of Regina should first enrol in the 30 credit hour Pre-Social Work Program.The Pre-Social Work program requirements must be completed in order for students to apply for admission to the BSW program.For example, if the date the application is received is the day before the new law comes into force (before June 11, 2015), the application is considered “locked-in” as part of the inventory and governed by the law as it read before June 11, 2015.Therefore, if an application was received at the CPC-S prior to June 11, 2015, and is deemed complete, it will be processed under former requirements in addition to any new requirements which the transitional provisions clearly specify are also applicable to applications in the inventory.


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Where the date on an application is more than three months old (90 calendar days) when received (staledated), or where the date is a date in the future (postdated), the application will be treated as if it is unsigned.

The date a person signs the application form is the date of filing.

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