Sonos updating music library please wait

26-Nov-2019 08:19

As things moved into high gear way back in September, the scope of the work came into focus, and we were faced with a choice.

Scale back some of our more ambitious goals and ensure we had something live for the holidays, or move full steam ahead to really get it right. What areas are we coming up short and, as the metadata work comes together, how can we really take Roon to the next level?

With Ethos, our music experts work with you and your team to develop a 100% unique music mix.

It’s personalized service – like having your own music director building and updating a custom-crafted playlist to reflect your brand’s image.

And while all that work was happening, we made huge strides with regards to our metadata.

As more and more of you enjoy Roon around the house, we took steps to improve Roon as a multi-zone product, and as a fixture in your household.

You can also filter for a certain path or folder, and use our editing functionality to group tracks into an album.

Since before Roon launched, people have been asking us about DSP features.

The perfect music built around this philosophy can help stores, restaurants and brands achieve their own Ethos.

Originally, we planned for 1.3 to focus on metadata, and in nearly every way, this release marks a major step forward in Roon’s ability to understand your music, and present your library as tightly knit web of composers and compositions, performers and performances -- artists and their work, and their influences, and their stories.

In the doctrine of Ethos, the Greeks believed that the right kind of music had power to shape personal character in positive ways.