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02-Mar-2020 02:54

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“Policy reforms instituted administration like providing free irrigation, banning rice importation during peak harvest season, mechanization and easy access credit contributed to the enthusiasm of farmers to produce more,” Pinol said.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is expecting a better rice production this year, further lessening the country’s dependence on imports.

Because of the reduction in the importation level last year, the country’s self-sufficiency ratio of rice increased to 95.01 percent from the 2015’s ratio of 88.93 percent.

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said the increased awareness of local farmers in using modern technology significantly contributed to the higher production.

Meanwhile, the PSA also reported that importation was also lesser for fishery products such as milkfish, round scad, tilapia, crabs and oysters with import dependency ratio.

However, agricultural products that showed high dependency on importation were coffee, garlic, onion, peanut and mongo, with 68 percent, 89 percent, 53 percent, 72 percent and 48 percent IDRs, respectively.

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