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If he denies you the chance, then you should move on. Make sure that you read the fine print on a paid app to see if the phone still needs to be jailbroken.

It can be hard to accept a breakup, but it is for the best if he does not want to meet with you. See more questions like this: I have a Note and my guy has an i Phone 5S. Is there an app that will interface between both Android and apple that I can put on our phones He has an i Phone, and I have no access or passcodes to anything on cellphone or emails. The phone just rings and rings but I see he has been on Whats App yet he is not opening his Whats App to make me think that he has left his phone somewhere on charge.

She begged them to come see her but said they needed a password to be allowed any access to her.

They all took the day off to do that today but she has not released a password, and the hospital cannot confirm or deny if she is there.

In the future, if you still can't get over him, you can contact one of his friends to pass on a message or his family member and if you do not have any of those people in your contacts, you definitely do not know him well enough to track his location to "surprise" him. I need to see his texts and pics and emails and Facebook if there is anything that might be able to help me. Please assist me as I really need to get to the bottom of where he keeps going and not answering my calls.

I have never done anything like this, and its what I need to do at this point and time and very necessary. There are spy apps, but right now the only one that works without jailbreaking the phone is m Spy. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and will change my life. You will within three minutes gain the location of his phone as well as any data that is on the phone like his Whats App activity. See more questions like this: I'm guessing that my husband is checking on me, and I'd like to track him by his phone # Something is wrong with him. You can choose one of the spy applications on the market: m Spy, Flexi Spy, Sure Point Spy, etc. Flexi Spy has more supported devices, and Sure Point Spy requires only a one-time payment.

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Auto Forward helped my friend find her homeless brother and hopefully using an app like that will help you.

Make a clean break and walk away because once the trust is gone, there is no relationship.