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What were you supposed to say under the circumstances? " Another sports related figure to attend Morgan's show was Bart Starr, Jr., the son of the Green Bay Packers' head coach.

In 1976, while under the Wisconsin legal drinking age, Starr and some other underage friends were enjoying alcoholic beverages before Morgan's performance.

He called the experience, "one of the strangest nights of my life." Gregg remembered Stello as "a class act", generous and a teacher to him.

He wrote that Morgan's show was, "a riot", but that his thoughts on the situation were, "here we were sitting with her husband.

He described the portion of the act which had been accused of indecency as merely "audience participation" after "a dialogue concerning the genuineness or authenticity of her ample proportions." Her negative impression of Hamilton did not extend to the judge in the case whom she described as "just great; I'm crazy about him." Regretting that he had had "to waste his fine mind on listening to such nonsense," she gave him an invitation to attend one of her performances.

Van Dyke approached Starr and said, laughing, "I won't tell if you won't." When Morgan performed at the Winnipeg Playhouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from October 26th to October 30, 1979, The Manitoban, the campus newspaper for The University of Manitoba, refused to carry the advertisement for Morgan's appearance, claiming that it was sexist.After meeting Morgan on a TV talk show in Boston, humorist Dave Berry wrote, "She has a very interesting and tragic life story, and I wouldn't be surprised if, in the very near future, she comes out with a book." For the Christmas season of 1984, Morgan had the distinction of being the subject of a question in the "Sexual Trivia" game. Friends and colleagues expressed their grief at his sudden and unexpected death. They had planned to spend Thanksgiving together, as they had done in the six years since their divorce. He said, 'We're divorced and look, we're still together. ' I just can't believe he won't be calling me anymore." When interviewed in 1987, Morgan reported that she enjoyed a quiet life at home, listening to Frank Sinatra records and going to the movies. When Reagan comes up on the TV, everything is dead in the house. Though Morgan was a popular and successful exotic dancer throughout her performing career, her film performances are often the subject of ridicule from critics.Her question was: "What is the reported chest size of Chesty Morgan? " Morgan stated that she continued her exotic dancing career because she enjoyed it. Umpire Joe Brinkman said that Stello's MC background left him with a good sense of humor and sharp wit, "He was always a comic relief." Morgan had been working in Virginia when she received news of Stello's death. Due to the transient nature of live performance, it is her film roles for which she is best remembered today.Morgan was charged with "exposing parts of her body in a manner intended to arouse the sexual desire of onlookers." Proud of his wife's career, Morgan's husband sometimes took his sports colleagues to her performances.

In his autobiography, fellow Major League Baseball umpire Eric Gregg recalled seeing one of Morgan's performances with Stello.

Morgan reported, "Believe it or not, the first show I did, I forgot to take off my bra. And the club owner came up to me and said, 'Excuse me lady, why do you think I pay you this money? '" During the week of November 19-24, 1973 she appeared at the Knight Lounge in Warren, Pennsylvania under the name Zsa Zsa "Chesty" Gabborr. She saved the theater and I hope she can do it again." Her performance regularly began with a walk to the stage through the audience in which she would interact with her patrons. They want something left to the imagination, something discreet." During her act, Morgan employed much humor directed at her physical attributes.

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