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Dubious ethical questions aside, many commentators noted that didn’t actually present anything new.Instead, it repackaged self-help nostrums as old as Ralph Waldo Emerson, using misleading quotations to bolster its claim to a historical lineage.During his “Spiritual Warrior” program, he’d asked participants to shave their heads, spend 36 hours in the desert meditating without food or water, and play the “Samurai Game,” in which a white-robed Ray, playing “God,” declared people dead, forcing them to remain motionless on the ground.Before they entered the dome, he warned them his final test was a symbolic death. You might think you are, but you are not going to die," he said, according to several attendees.Eighteen others were hospitalized with burns and dehydration, kidney failure, breathing problems, and heat exhaustion.The tragedy and ensuing prosecution drew international media attention.Many participants were dazed and disoriented, speaking or yelling deliriously.

He bragged about his financial success and promised it to his followers.She started a business in high-end interior decorating that led to a sense of stability she hadn’t known since high school. She was curious enough to attend his free, two-hour introductory course, where he claimed years of training with a Peruvian shaman.