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quite new and startling." Randolph noted the discussion became heated and abruptly ended.Two weeks later, Crane phoned Randolph to tell her that he had spoken with Junius Harworth, the person Randolph called her "leading witness" for Whitehead and who had signed an exclusive contract "to supply information about Whitehead" to Randolph.It was a neat and tidy little book that put forth in reasonably convincing fashion the notion that Gustave Whitehead had flown a heavier-than-air, powered, controlled machine of his own construction in 1901. Randolph and her sister, Clara, found and interviewed people who had known Whitehead and/or had stated they'd been present 30 years earlier when one or more of his supposed "flights" had taken place, and she included reproductions of 13 "eyewitness" affidavits in her book.Stella Randolph said that she first heard about Gustave Whitehead when her friend Harvey Phillips (whom she called the "The Phillips Aeronautic Library") told her of a letter by Whitehead published in the April 1, 1901, American Inventor and urged Randolph to pursue the matter.That, it was thought, would provide evidence of "prior use" in the on-going patent war between the Wrights and Curtiss.As things turned out, it became a mess for all involved and made for bad blood between Orville Wright and the Smithsonian, which had loaned the Langley Large Aerodrome "A" to Curtiss. "Call it woman's intuition if you wish, I knew at my first meeting with Zahm that I must never release anything to him. Whether as a result of this, or whether my visitors came from other sources, I never knew, but during the three years of the 1930's research I was constantly harrassed.

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Randolph looked askance at John Crane's approaches to her because of his association with Albert F.Zahm had a long and ultimately antagonistic relationship with the Wrights - so much so that Orville Wright saw Zahm's fingerprints on almost every article or book which depicted the Wrights in an unflattering light - whether or not it was true - often it was true.

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