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For some it is an extremely dangerous practice which should be limited to only those who have renounced the world.

Few others think it to be a kind of mental and physical acrobatism that is compatible only to a Hindu mind.

History and Origin of Yoga is regarded as a divine science of life, revealed to enlightened sages in Meditation.

Stone seals in the Indus Valley which date back to around 3000BC show Yogic postures and this is the earliest archaeological evidence of 's origin.

The word asana means "sthira sukhamasanam" or "seating oneself in a comfortable position." The asanas induce a sense of physical and mental relaxation.

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YOGA is an ancient form of physical movement that has its roots in INDIAN culture and philosophy.It is a practical physiological training, which if practiced can exalt man to the 'supra mundane level'. There are too many misconceptions clouding the science of Yoga.