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23-Jun-2020 17:50

Also, Swedes, even if blonde as children, often go dark in adulthood and use some bottled assistance to keep that stereotype alive and well.

Some call it passive-aggresivene, some call it conflict avoidance but this one, while it drives Swedes mad when mentioned, is pretty spot-on.

Among some of the more trendy groups, in the middle class and upper class as well as among bureaucrats, politicians, and business owners, Instagram and Whatsapp is becoming a growing trend and a few are most likely struggling with understanding Snapchat.

Among the younger generation the use of social media and chat apps tend to be dependent on what group in society that you are part off as well as local trends and preferences.

I am an openminded guy with lots of taboo fantasies. I do not look for cyber, so no need for you to ask! == Results from == 98% Degradee 93% Submissive 89% Experimentalist 88% Exhibitionist 86% Ageplayer 86% Non-monogamist 79% Girl/Boy 74% Prim...

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In my line of work I have lots of important desitions about alot of people and here I can relax and drop the act of being an athority.

Among the most popular the main chatting apps are from my viewpoint Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, Whatsapp.

Tinder and Grindr has also since about a year ago been getting a hold of the Swedish market, mainly among young adults and but also among other parts of society, it has started to become a part of the Swedish dating scene in certain parts of society.

No wailing or rendering of garments – just a logical approach to anything that crosses their path, followed by a measured chat that soon sorts everything out.

Somewhere the rumor started that Sweden had the highest suicide rate in the world, but thankfully that’s not true.

Then again, if you toss ‘Dancing Queen’ on the turntable at a party, you can bet a big cheer will go up as everyone starts shaking their stuff.

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