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In-jokes and traditions: /c veteran inhabitants enjoy speaking like generic old people. Despite the fact that more people gain access to veteran every day, it has consistently remained a close community.

(Back in my day, we had to walk 15 miles in the snow, barefoot, uphill both ways... This was mainly due to the fact that new people tend to be scared off by the standard question asked upon entrance, "What are your views on Bukkake?

" However, the moderators as a group decided that this question was too offensive and rude to incoming chatters.

This led to the rise of many new "Welcome" messages.

Regulars enjoy quoting lines from Tourette's Guy as well as poking fun at a particular version of a not-safe-for-work O RLY owl.

In-jokes and traditions: It's well known that asking The RNG nicely (or not so much) for something in here can often get results; Any sort of chart or graph can be procured here, usually regarding hardcore run speed; This channel is also known for openly discussing spoilers; Also, it's frowned on to ask "stupid" questions, which are generally questions which don't require copious amounts of math to answer; Also, you must like math, long walks on the beach, and gazing at the stars. Random instantaneous zombification occurs courtesy of blackhatluck.

Newcomers are welcome, but cautioned not to come in and spam or act like jackasses.

Of course they need instructions on how to get back to /c newbie, which seems to be difficult for them after the managed to get out of it.Many foodies, when asked a question about the game, will reply sarcastically or send the askee to newbie or here, the Wiki.In-jokes and traditions: Haikuers like to joke around about clam sex and make horrible puns.In-jokes and traditions: A common in-joke about killing the Hermit is often used to confuse newbies.

People may claim they've killed the hermit but they are either using it as a euphemism for another questionable activity or as a trick. The moderators will ask that conversations, arguments, market speculation, questions and any other chatter be taken to PM or to another channel. " Channel regulars agree that this channel seems to attract every beggar, spammer, flamer, and scammer in Ko L. Chatters in this channel are best at posing creative trivia questions, creating exciting games and awarding fabulous prizes. In-jokes and traditions: It's often joked that after rollover, the channel turns into /perv - evening hours do frequently enough head towards the land of the double-entendre, though mods still take offense to more blatantly not-worksafe discussion.One caveat: /Gamers regard requests for games, or questions such as, "Any games going on? In-jokes and traditions: Some call it "/ab-normal".

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